The Maldives, snorkeling day

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The next day starts with a lazy mood. The time difference has totally messed up my bodyclock, so, having missed the breakfast, half of the day and my valuable sunbathing time, I woke up after midday. What a waste! After a quick bite we headed towards the scuba diving and snorkeling center. Not bad, we can keep our equipment until check out. And now it’s finally time to discover that supposedly amazing underwater world. The water is so clear that using the mask seems almost unnecessary. The first two breaths under the water end up with a big mouthful of water. Great! The pipe is broken. So are the goggles – all the water is coming inside. Defying all these factors we managed to go snorkeling for around 1,5 hours. Maybe we just couldn’t find the right spots, but having done quite a bit of snorkelling in the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting many more colours, corals and fish. On top of that, I had totally forgotten about the salt water’s ability to wash off the sunscreen, so apart from drinking half of the ocean (that damn broken pipe), I ended up with bad sunburn on my shoulders. Luckily rest of the day – good food, good company and swimming – made for it all.

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