The Maldives, SPA day

Maldives'16 (10 of 17)Maldives'16 (8 of 17)Maldives'16 (9 of 17)

I had been longing for a nice massage, steamy sauna and all kinds of treatments for a long time. I was a bit worried about my burnt skin on the shoulders, but the masseuse knew exactly how to treat something like this. Seems I’m not the first idiot (pardon), who underestimates the power of the tropical sun. Later on that day I discovered a hammock, which lies in the water, around 50 meters from the shore. And this hammock became one of my favourite places on this island!

When I read up about The Sun Siyam, watching the sunset by the reflections pool (which is actually an infinity pool) came highly recommended. And as they have a nice BBQ restaurant next to the pool we decided to dine there. Whilst staying in this resort, seeing the sunset by this pool is a must!

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