The Maldives, Male

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I started the last morning on Iru Fushi in my secret place. The water hammock! At 3 o’clock it was time to pack the things and to start thinking about going back. Not the most pleasant thought. As I have never been to this part of the world before, I decided to spend the last day discovering the capital, Male. Actually we got to stay there one and a half days in total, which is enough to see the most of this city. During the flight from our island to Male I put together top 10 things to see. Being a huge fan of cathedrals and churches (I just love the majestic interior) I was a bit surprised not finding any in there. What I really liked there is the fish market. To get the best idea of a busy market life it makes sense to go there early in the morning, as with most of markets. Right next to the fish market is a fruit market, which is not any worse than its neighbour. Walking back towards the centre we were caught by a local guy, who claimed to be a professional tour guide, and who offered us a free city tour. Why not. Most of the places he took us were on my list anyway, so can’t complain. The tour was finished with traditional food after which it was time to say goodbye to The Maldives.

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