Venice – the floating masterpiece


A gondola ride back in time


Glassmaking in Murano




There is one place in the world where I always keep going back, and that is Italy.

I will never get enough of the local nature, awesome architecture, art and culture, irresistable food and the gorgeus wine. The main purpose of this trip was to discover the Como Lake, Milan and the floating masterpiece of Italy – Venice.

The first destination was Venice, where we spent two days. And – oh my – how beautiful one place can be! This consummate magician takes one back to the era, where cars and typical ‘city rush’ are completely unheard of. In the city, that seems to be built on water, you are always only a bridge or an alley away from another gothic palazzi, tiny secret piazza or a new neighbourhood of wine bars. Those endless narrow streets make you want to keep wandering forever. A gondola ride is a must! And if you think you have seen enough on the main island go to another one. My two favourites were Murano and Burano. First of them is the island of glass and is famous for it’s glassmaking and the second one, Burano, is home for the best lacemakers. For this I booked a half day tour from here. The tour started off with a visit to the glassmaking factory in Murano. After the introduction to the process and a short historical overview we had around an hour for ourselves. We were left to the factory shop, where only that day and that moment we could had got 30% discount. But if you got to choose between vases costing €9000 and €10000, that discount suddenly seems not so helpful at all :). After Murano we continued our tour to Burano and to be honest – that island was even prettier than the main island of Venice. Apart from the lace that is made there it is also famous for it’s brightly painted houses. The colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age and is someone wants to paint their home, one needs to ask a permission from the government first. With all the scenery Burano offers one it makes it a dreamland for photographers.

To sum it up – Venice is a masterpiece! Whoever calls Paris ‘a city of love’ has probably never been to Venice. I have never seen so many people getting lost in eachother’s eyes, the young and the old dancing away to the tunes of some of the most timeless classics. Venice, you are a real stunner. And so bloody expensive..

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