One day in Verona


Piazza delle Erbe


Arche Scaligeri
Porta Borsari


On the way to the Como Lake we spontaneously decided to have a stop in Verona. And that was one of the best decision I have made lately! Because of its architecture and urban structure Verona is awarded with World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. And the architecture was exactly what magnetized us there. We were so charmed by these medieval buildings, separated with cobblestone streets and tiny piazzas almost on every corner, so we ended up spending there all day! If you have only several hours to spend in this magnificent city I urge you to walk as much as possible. Try and visit the Arena of Verona, take a minute to sip an aperitivi on Piazza delle Erbe, walk around the corner to see the second most famous ancient square Piazza dei Signori. Continue with the Arche Scaligeri, five funerary monuments, which are considered some of the best example of Gothic art in Italy. Admire the stunning Duomo of Verona and the gothic Chiesa Di Sant’Anastasia, which was my preferred one being a showcase for local art and having multitude of stunning frescos. For the grande finish of the tour walk through the ancient gate, one of the main highlights – the Porta Borsari.

And, of course, grab Juliet’s boob for the sake of good luck 🙂

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