3 days in Milan

Duomo di Milano


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


Basilica di Sant’Ambriogio
Navigli District


The last destination of the trip was Milan, the capital of design and fashion. This one-time Roman capital might seem quite soulless initially, but while spending more and more time there, one will start seeing the love of beauty, detail to perfection, history and power that drives the city today. This is the place that has some of the best collections of old and new art on offer, where the word ‘shopping’ gets totally new dimensions, where La Scala gives the new meaning to opera and where the choice amongst Michelin-star restaurants is endless.

I am a huge fan of visiting cathedrals and Milan is perfect place for this, starting with their great example of Gothic style – Duomo di Milano. This largest cathedral in Italy and 5th largest in the world took nearly 6 centuries to complete and is dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity. This amazing building is well worth seeing outside and inside, also, I would urge one to climb up to the roof. The hidden gem and my second favourite was Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. The golden altar is the reason alone to visit this church but then there is so much more history. What definitely needs to be visited while in Milan is Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. Looks plain from outside, but gives you the wow-effect the second you step inside. For my disappointment I wasn’t able to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie and thus missed the Last Supper inside. While planning the trip I read that it is recommended to book your ticket in advance TO AVOID THE QUEUE, but on spot it came out that there’s no queue and no tickets as well – sold out for a month. Better luck next time! Apart from cathedrals have a stroll in Parco Sempione, do window shopping in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and spin on the bull’s missing part (again for the sake of good luck), visit Monumental Cemetery, enjoy a meal in Brera District and spend an evening in the lively Navigli District.

After three days and close to 50 km walking distance in Milan it was time say goodbye to Italy. Until next time!

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