5 beers you must try when in Czech Republic

Rumor has it that the Czechs make the best beer in the world. It also says that the most common type of beer there, which is pilsner, was invented in the Czech Republic. And that beer is cheaper than water there..



Pilsner Urquel

Since the invention of this pilsner in 1842, the Czechs have been famous for producing some of the world’s finest brews. This is the brand that gives name to a whole beer family. This is probably the most well known Czech beers in the world, that can be found in every other pub you run into in Czech Republic.


Kozel is one of the most widely available beers and is sold in most of the supermarkets and tastes great. Thus, it’s one of the most famous and the most popular with students as it is incredibly well priced.




Kozel ćernŷ

A beer with unusual dark foam. It’s made of 4 different types of malts including a dark caramelised malt, which gives it a mild sweet taste of a caramel. My absolute favourite!


Budweiser budva

Before the Americans stole the name for themselves, Budweiser was a Czech beer from České Budějovice, and can still be tasted today under the name of Budvar.


Černá Hora

One cannot go wrong with one of the oldest beer in the world. Černá Hora was founded in 1298 and means black mountain. It might be less known brand, but definitely a good companion for, well, everything.

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