Visiting Western Australia

Dramatic landscapes, spectacular coastline and all year round amazing weather. This is how laid-back habitants of Western Australia describe their home.

When visiting a new country, we all wish to see as much as possible, don’t we 🙂 But in a country this big, seeing it all might be tricky and time consuming. One can spend all the time exploring the capital of WA, Perth, or with time allowing driving along the coastline passing some tiny surfing villages and wineries. I definitely recommend combining these two!

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Walking around Perth is like walking on the maquette – everything is so super clean and simple. It feels like the city is still not quite finished! One will see high rises only in the CBD, which is the town centre. People here seem to prefer to live in private houses, which makes Perth look enormous.. but actually it’s not! Now the amazing part about Perth is the beaches. Scarborough, Cottesloe and Fremantle are only the beginning of the list of stunning beaches there. And if you are already planning a visit to Fremantle, take time to walk around the area as it is quite different to the rest of Perth and hence pretty refreshing.

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Perth is a perfect combination of big city’s fuss and small-town’s relaxation, which makes it a perfect place to begin one’s further discovery of Western Australia.

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