Cheeky getaway to Rottnest Island

This is probably the best thing about Perth! It would be a crime not to visit this little paradise island while in Western Australia. What makes this tiny place even more exotic is the fact that one needs to take a ferry to get there. And never mind the cars – bicycle is the king there! People in more respectable age group can get away with taking a tour bus 🙂

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Another amazing thing there is the island’s native habitat – a quokka. Possibly the happiest animal on this planet! These tiny creatures remind of a nature’s happening between a kangaroo and a rat. They are friendly, very curious and always happy to take selfies with visitors.

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Ferries to this island leave from Perth, Fremantle and Hillarys Boat Harbour and the journey is approximately 40 minutes. Some companies offer bicycle hire on aboard, otherwise one can find several rentals on the island.

Now for cycling you have three routes

  • RIDE 1 is 4 km long and takes around 0,5 hours,
  • RIDE 2 is 10 km and takes between 1,5-3 hours,
  • RIDE 3, the longest, is 22 km long, gives you the opportunity to see every bit of this island and, depending on ones speed, takes around 3-5 hours.

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It’s very important to stock up plenty of water – half a liter is definitely too little. Another important thing is to get some food for the way, as there is no food sold on the road.

And the main thing is to enjoy 🙂

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