Peru, Nazca

The third day in Lima was food heaven. Our culinary adventure began at a typical Peruvian Market. We were taken aback by the incredible smell and colours at the market. It was hard not to lay our hands into all kinds of exotic fruits and the wide variety of Peruvian products. I was amazed by … More Peru, Nazca

Peru, Lima

Trip to Peru is possibly one of the best planned holidays I have ever had. Furthermore, this is the trip, where I got bitten by the travelbug. From where I got the idea to start writing down memories and experiences from my trips. My favourite part of any trip is when I first step the … More Peru, Lima

The Maldives

  After a long looong flight it is finally time to step out from the plane and face that super hot and super humid Indian Ocean breeze. Oh, how good it feels after these long, dark and chilly winter days in London. I am already imaging myself sipping coconut water and sunbathing on the beach, … More The Maldives