Artsy Melbourne

Australians say that one can never rely on the weather in Melbourne. Maybe! But one can definitely expect numerous good eateries, good music and great street art. This is artsy Melbourne! I must admit – Melbourne stole my heart. This city has something I can’t really explain. Was it this artsy side of the city … More Artsy Melbourne

Visiting the jewel of architecture, Taj Mahal.

The ultimate destination of the trip was screaming of love, luxury and elegance. This was ‘Good morning’ in Taj Mahal way. I insisted on two things before going to visit Taj Mahal – I wanted to see the sunrise and I wanted to wear something traditional. Done! I pre-booked the tickets via Viator, which are … More Visiting the jewel of architecture, Taj Mahal.

Where the beer flows

Which country makes the best beer in the world? The answer is Czech Republic. This time my nosiness took me to the capital, Prague, the city of stunning architecture, endless cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards. Before my trip I was told that Prague is stunning, but honestly – this city exceeded all my expectations. In … More Where the beer flows