The Maldives


Maldives'16 (11 of 17)Maldives'16 (12 of 17)Maldives'16 (2 of 17)

After a long looong flight it is finally time to step out from the plane and face that super hot and super humid Indian Ocean breeze. Oh, how good it feels after these long, dark and chilly winter days in London. I am already imaging myself sipping coconut water and sunbathing on the beach, but, unluckily, this would have to wait until tomorrow.

The competition was tough, but it was The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort that came out as a winner this time. The island is nearly 175 km away from Male, so you need to take a seaplane to get there. With that I got another box ticked as I have never flown in one of those before. We finally land on Male at 2pm, but then have to wait for the flight to our island, which is not until 5pm. Eventually after a short 45 minute flight it is finally time to relax. After quick refresh, we were taken on a tour of our island, had an amazing dinner, a ping pong match (which I obviously lost) and a well deserved evening swim in the Indian ocean.


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