Your guide for Sydney and around

‘Let’s go and see this bloody opera house’ was the first thing I heard after landing in Sydney. One would think well of course, what else is there to see?! Instead, Sydney welcomes one with bunch of high rises and a majestic harbour. And the opera house with its’ sails is just a cherry on top on your picture perfect view.

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One can easily spend four days full of walking and discovering something new at every step. It is surprising just how much of history and hidden gems this city offers. I definitely advise one to walk around The Rocks. The cobbled streets must have seen years of history and the landscape gradually being redefined. Now about the infamous Bondi beach! Unless it’s a tick box exercise for you or you REALLY do enjoy crowded places, I would not set this as a primary point of interest (perhaps secondaryJ). Why not to visit Mahon Pool, instead? Or if you really feel like ending up in Bondi Beach, do it elegantly by taking the Coogee to Bondi walk. A posh five star dining experience will be enjoyed on the promenade leading to the Opera House, but for some really good and slightly cheaper options head towards China town. As one can feel a strong Asian influence in Sydney, one can be sure to find some amazing dim sum dishes and buns. My favourite place was Tim Ho Wan Townhall. Simple, yet stunning!

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My absolute highlight in Sydney was a three-hour visit to the fish market. The size of the market and the variety of the fish sold there explains the number of hours spent there. As a huge seafood lover I felt there like a kid in a candy (fish?!) shop. Have you ever tried a sea urchin? Now I have! Also, your sushi will never be this fresh anywhere else but here.


Sydney is also an ideal place to start day tours from. Time permitting, I highly recommend to spend a day in the Blue Mountains region. The views are unforgettable! And don’t forget to pop in the Featherdale Wildlife Park. The youngest members (and not only) of the family will love it! Another amazing region to visit is Hunters Valley. Wine! It’s one of the largest and oldest wine regions in Australia and its rich soil has kept the flags flying high in terms of quality. And there is one thing I can promise you – there is never too much of good wine!

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