Visiting the jewel of architecture, Taj Mahal.

The ultimate destination of the trip was screaming of love, luxury and elegance. This was ‘Good morning’ in Taj Mahal way.

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I insisted on two things before going to visit Taj Mahal – I wanted to see the sunrise and I wanted to wear something traditional. Done! I pre-booked the tickets via Viator, which are more expensive, but guarantee one the earlier entrance. I was the third person to pass the gates! And what happened next was funny and in a way unbelievable. As soon as the gates were opened the people started racing towards the mausoleum like no tomorrow. Imagine a horse race! And this all happened for the sake of getting a picture of this grand building with as little people as possible. If I hadn’t got stuck at the security check I would had been amongst the first three lucky ones 🙂

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The first gaze to the Taj Mahal was breathtaking. As the sun rose the warm light and continuously changing colours of the marble changed the look of this architectural jewel with every passing second that it was little wonder that everybody were clamoring to take pictures of this masterpiece. Did you know that Taj Mahal is perfectly symmetrical? And there are even two mosques at the site only to keep the symmetry? But hey, you wouldn’t expect any less from something that took 20000 men and 22 years to build!

The downside is that, if one could call it this way, this place can get really busy. This UNESCO heritage site and the winner of the New 7 Wonders of the world attract 7-8 million visitors annually. And this makes quite a few people per day. But with an early morning entry, positive mind and a bit of patience it’s not too bad. Taj Mahal is definitely once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Some tips to make a visit there as smooth as possible!
• Be there as early as possible
• Dress modestly
• They don’t like to see you with a big bag there
• Make sure not to have any food nor tobacco with you
• Tripods are banned
• It’s closed on Fridays

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Note for the future husband – something like Taj Mahal will do 🙂

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